At U.S. Waste Industries, Inc., we excel in managing complex remediation projects. When an accident occurs, tensions can run high with both the customer and those affected in the surrounding area. As an experienced, professional waste management and remediation company, customers can trust us to ensure that all soil and water will be effectively treated.

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Environmental Remediation Services

Environmental Remediation Services: Applications

Environmental remediation services work to treat, contain, or remove pollutants and contaminants in soil and water to help mitigate the environmental impact. Both active and abandoned sites are candidates for environmental remediation services, such as:

Environmental Remediation Services: Financial Impact

Beyond the clear environmental impact, failure to achieve adequate environmental remediation puts property owners at risk of experiencing significant financial consequences.

Regulatory Agency Penalties and Fines

From the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to individual local and state agencies like Departments of Environmental Quality (DEQs), many government organizations levy fines and penalties against non-compliant property owners for environmental violations. In the case of contamination in or around active work areas, OSHA and related agencies may also fine you or your business.

Non-compliance fines typically increase over time in conjunction with insufficient remediation or delays in completing it, sometimes totaling in the millions. Neglecting to comply may ultimately result in criminal charges and expensive civil lawsuits, as well.

Reduced Property Values

For owners hoping to sell their contaminated properties, the consequences of having ignored environmental regulations and the need for remediation range from lowered sale prices to the inability to make a sale at all. Few buyers will lease or invest in locations requiring additional, potentially costly environmental remediation efforts. In fact, under federal laws, even owners not responsible for a property’s initial contamination may be penalized, making buyers justifiably apprehensive.

Environmental Remediation Services: Capabilities

U.S. Waste offers robust environmental remediation solutions to mitigate a wide range of hazardous environmental conditions.

Site Assessment

Our experienced team starts by evaluating site conditions with an initial walkthrough. Based on our examination, we’ll generate a site-specific report identifying:

  • Areas of concern
  • Scope of work
  • Potential remediation approaches
  • Disposal options

Mold Remediation

Mold exposure can cause acute and chronic health problems, compromise product quality and resources, and result in structural damage. Professional remediation is a thorough, on-site treatment solution addressing mold removal and prevention. Locating and fixing the source of the moisture causing the mold will discourage future growth.

Contamination Removal

When hazardous materials or contaminated soil and water must be removed from a site, our experienced service providers can do so safely, thoroughly, and effectively. Common techniques include:

  • Excavation. When a site is experiencing contamination that’s deep down or localized, excavation can effectively eliminate pollution or contaminated soil by physically taking it from the site.
  • Solidification. Sometimes contaminants are mobile, so excavation wouldn’t be as effective in preventing spread within the environment. In these cases, solidification binds pollutants in a stable matrix.
  • Chemical treatment. Certain contaminants are susceptible to chemical agents, allowing remediation teams to apply chemicals that will cause pollutants to break down or simply become less hazardous. With this method, it’s important, however, to ensure that the chemicals being introduced into the environment won’t negatively affect it.

Waste Disposal

As a DOT-approved waste disposal service provider, we are fully qualified to remove and responsibly dispose of both hazardous and non-hazardous industrial waste. Our team is prepared to handle drums, lab packs, and tankers of any size or volume.

Final Sampling

From carefully selecting strategic locations for taking samples to properly collecting, labeling, handling, transporting, and storing them, U.S. Waste follows rigorous safety protocols and quality assurance and control procedures to ensure the integrity and accuracy of sampling results.

Ongoing Monitoring

We offer ongoing monitoring of site conditions to ensure the remediation was effective and environmental issues do not reoccur.


U.S. Waste provides thorough documentation for any walk-through findings, remediation activities, and project results to meet internal and regulatory needs. You will receive copies for your records, as well as yearly waste reports to facilitate EPA reporting.

Regulatory Compliance

Our emergency and scheduled environmental remediation services are performed in full compliance with the regulations of municipal and state governments, as well as organizations like the EPA and OSHA (HAZWOPER).

Additional Information About Environmental Remediation Services

Industry Focus

  • Industrial
  • Agricultural
  • EPA
  • Chemical processing
  • Petrochemical

Industry Standards

  • EPA
  • State government
  • Municipal governments

Environmental Remediation Services From U.S. Waste Industries, Inc.

Partnering with experienced remediation professionals will help ensure that you comply with governmental regulations and avoid costly fines. As an EPA-registered, DOT-approved environmental company, U.S. Waste specializes in hazardous and non-hazardous waste consultation, remediation, transportation, and disposal services. Our capabilities extend to chemical analysis, lagoon cleaning, plant and landfill closures, demolition projects, and so much more.

With 24-hour emergency services and a nationwide reach, we are prepared to help with jobs large and small. Contact us today to learn more about our full-service capabilities or request a quote for your environmental remediation needs.