Given the sheer number of tractor-trailers traveling north and south through the busy Interstate 95 corridor here in South Carolina, highway truck spills are all too common. At U.S. Waste Industries, our professionally-trained emergency response teams have the practical know-how to operate in an organized manner yet with the sense of urgency needed for rapid response and remediation of these types of situations.

This particular incident involved a truck that was hauling a full load of palletized machine parts. After a long day on the road, the driver fell asleep at the wheel and rolled his vehicle into a flowing creek. When law enforcement officials arrived at the scene, they reported a fuel spill in an environmentally sensitive area and machine parts strewn in all directions. Within a short period of time, the highway authorities notified us of the event and related the preliminary details.

Since it was critical to have a properly trained emergency crew on the scene as soon as possible, we immediately dispatched a five-man team to the site. They arrived at approximately 6 pm with an array of spill clean-up equipment and supplies. Along with two excavators, they brought along absorbent pads specifically designed for cleanup of petroleum-based products from soil and water.

Working in consultation with environmental officials, our crew leader made a site assessment and laid out a plan based on the scope of work involved. We contained and removed the approximately 300 gallons of diesel fuel and 50 gallons of oil that spilled into the creek and the surrounding landscape. The crew placed the waste in specialized containers, which we later hauled to a permitted facility for disposal.

In the meantime, we addressed the six palletized loads of machine parts ejected from the truck. Four remained intact so we hoisted them out of the way to an adjacent area at the worksite. The other two pallet loads were compromised, but our crews managed to salvage a good percentage of the contents and removed them to containers.

Working through the night in a busy highway area, our team observed the highest standards of safety at all times. By 9 am the following morning, we had cleaned up the entire site in full compliance with all applicable regulations.

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Highway Cleanup Highlights

Area Size

150 ft x 200 ft

Material Cleaned/Spillage

300 Gallons of Diesel Fuel
50 Gallons of Oil
Pallets of Machined Parts


Absorbent Pads made for Oils and Fuels
2 excavators
5 Guys

Turnaround Time

Emergency Response
Clean up was between 6pm-9am

Clean-Up Location

I95 Highway in South Carolina

Standards Met

Customer Specifications

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