At U.S. Waste Industries, we provide a full range of demolition and environmental services at locations throughout the United States. One of our clients in Georgia recommended us to a colleague who was looking to demolish an old school building situated next to a church to make way for a new parking lot. Built before 1978, the school building contained asbestos, so remediation was a very important aspect of this demolition project. As a professional asbestos contractor for the Georgia area, we had all the necessary credentials to manage this project.

Many older homes and buildings contain asbestos behind walls, above ceilings, inside ducts, and in many other spaces. Since we frequently come across asbestos involvement in our demolition activities, we are trained to take the proper precautions when dealing with this potentially harmful product. In addition to following the US EPA’s protocols and specific state regulations for removal and disposal, we abide by all OSHA standards for worker protection.

The school building shown in the photograph had approximately 25,000 sq-ft of floor space. We estimated that we could complete the job in seven days, with four of those devoted to asbestos remediation. As part of our demolition services, we drafted a site specific safety and work plan, obtained all the permits, secured the area, confirmed all of the utility disconnects, and removed all lights, ballasts, and mercury switches.

To decontaminate the building prior to demolition, we removed approximately 10,000 sq-ft of asbestos containing materials. We bagged and labeled all of the material according to Georgia guidelines and transported it to a certified waste facility, accompanied by all necessary documentation.

With all kinds of construction equipment on the site, including excavators, bull dozers, dump trucks, and roll offs, we were able to work at a very steady pace. As each portion of the building was razed, we loaded the trucks and dumpsters and hauled away the debris. As you can see from the photographs, we are very diligent with site cleanup and cleared every last trace of construction waste. Once we had the site fully cleared and cleaned, we prepared it for the paving contractor. The church patrons now have a new, 10,000 sq-ft parking lot to facilitate access.

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Church Demolition Highlights

Site Sizes
  • Demo of the school was 25,000 sq-ft
  • The parking lot was 10,000 sq-ft
  • Removed roughly 10,000 sq-ft of asbestos
Turnaround Time

Abatement- 4 days
Demo- 1 Week

Equipment Used

Bull dozer
Dump Trucks
Roll Offs


Bostwick GA