At U.S. Waste Industries, we have a nationwide reputation for providing turnkey solutions for lagoon and settling basin clean outs. With many years spent resolving issues with biosolids, sludge, and other residuals, we have the right mix of innovative thinking and efficient technologies to manage projects that give others difficulty.

One major aspect that sets us apart from others is the speed at which we can get a job done. Through an active and in-depth site analysis, we can pinpoint the best options and methods for solidification, cleaning, transport, and disposal. With our strong history for effective lagoon management, a client in the Virginia area approached us to step in on a lagoon rehabilitation project that was almost a year old.

Their current remediation methods involved solidifying the sludge by adding a mixture of lime and ash. While this is an effective treatment for some situations, in this particular instance there was a massive amount of sludge, and the process of stabilizing it very prolonged. We quickly identified an alternative scenario for getting this lagoon cleaned out and back in full service.

With our technical competence for liquid/solids separation, we started the project by dewatering the pit. We have an in-depth store of knowledge on non-leaching solidification agents that turn wet sludge into solids instantly. We added 140 tons of a specialty polymer solid to the 8000 tons of wet sludge, which added only one percent of volume by weight. This very small increase in weight had a major influence on keeping disposal cost to a minimum. Although it was a labor-intensive and dirty process involving a lot of heavy equipment, we had the sludge removed from the lagoon within seven days.

While on the jobsite, our crews observed the strictest safety standards. As Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZPOWER) professionals, they are trained in all aspects of maintaining safety during clean-up operations as well as disposal of hazardous substances.

Our technical expertise, in combination with our motivated workforce and equipment resources, allowed us to accomplish in one week what had been taking almost a year, and was not even close to completion.

If you are interested in learning more about this project or our lagoon cleanout capabilities, contact us today.

Lagoon Removal Highlights

Project Name & Description

Lagoon 8000 tons solidified and removed in 7 days

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part

Wheel Loader

Amount of Slug Removed

8000 Tons

Solidification Agent

Special Polymer

Delivery Location

Lagoon in Virginia