With our on-site solidification, stabilization, sludge disposal, and dredging services, U.S. Waste Industries is a leading turnkey solutions provider for lagoon and settling basin cleanings. Our solid reputation for engineering customized, cost-effective, and fast turn solutions that minimize out-of-service time, reduce sludge disposal volume, and preserve the integrity of existing liners has grown steadily over the past several decades. We have a client base that spans many industries in locations throughout the United States, and we bring an elevated level of qualification and professionalism to each project engagement.

We recently completed a project in the Ohio area that involved two clay-lined wastewater lagoons, each with dimensions of 90’ in length x 140’ in width x 20’ in depth. Previously, the client had been dredging the two ponds every five years, and the growing expense motivated them to explore cost-saving alternatives. During their supplier discovery process, our company emerged as the one with the best mix of technology, knowledge, skills, and qualifications to provide a new option for cleaning the two basins.

Lagoons are a popular and low-cost method for wastewater treatment, and these two featured a clay liner to prevent leakage into the groundwater underneath. The existing five-year interval between cleaning cycles was shorter than the planned capacity and disruptive to their operations. In addition, dredging did not clear the basins enough for them to go in and inspect the liner.

Our first step was to assess site conditions to determine the best treatment and disposal plan. We dispatched a team of trained Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZPOWER) professionals equipped with excavators, off-road forklifts, and other heavy-duty vehicles to manage the project — expediently and safely. After dewatering the ponds, we added a special polymer solidification agent that instantly turned the sludge into a solid mass. Within a five-day period, we removed and disposed of all the built up sludge.

Once we cleared the lagoons, the client was able to inspect the clay liner for the first time in 20 years. The effectiveness of our lagoon cleaning methods extended their service capacity to 15 years between cleaning cycles, which resulted in a substantial cost savings to the client.

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Ohio Lagoon Cleanup Highlights

Project Name & Description

Ohio Lagoon Clean Up

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part

Long Arm Excavators
Off Road Fork Lift

Size of the LAGOON


Solidification Agent

Special Polymer

Time of Job

5 days per Lagoons