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Pond & Lagoon Cleanouts

Pond & Lagoon Cleanouts
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As the most comprehensive waste management provider in the nation, at US Waste Industries, we can service any sludge pond or lagoon. While many companies provide temporary fixes which have to be frequently repeated, our professionals will assess each project on an individual basis to provide a long term solution. Cleaning methods may include dewatering and the addition of non-leaching solidification agents that transform liquid sludge into a solid mass while preventing hazardous substances from leaching into the surrounding soil or ground water. Sludge can then be removed and transported to the proper disposal facility based on sludge content and volume.

A properly sized sludge lagoon should not need to be cleaned out frequently. In some cases, ponds or lagoons can be dredged, but in many cases, more intense treatment is required. To keep lagoons low maintenance and extend the time between cleanings, it is imperative that lagoons are thoroughly cleaned out and properly lined. As an example of our dedication to quality customer service, in a previous project we were able to completely remove over 3,300 tons of sludge in only eight days. This project was completed on Christmas Eve. At the end of the project, the lagoon was completely empty and prepared for a new lining. All waste was removed, transported, and disposed of in accordance with all federal, state, and local environmental regulations. For more information about our pond and lagoon cleaning capabilities, see the table below, or contact us directly.

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