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Plant Closure & Demolition

Plant Closure & Demolition
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At US Waste Industries, we provide complete plant closure and demolition services that allow customers to get the maximum return on the sale of their facility or land. In order to expedite sale of a closed industrial facility, the building should be clean and free of chemicals. This also limits the potential for costly environmental accidents in a shuttered plant. Our team will visit the site and develop a plan to ensure that all chemicals and waste are removed and disposed of within all state and federal regulations. In some cases, bulk chemicals or used equipment can be recycled or sold for end use.

Once all waste is disposed of, focus shifts to the facility itself. Once again, all steps are developed on an individual basis; process may include remediation, mold, lead or asbestos removal. Any underground tanks or other potential leak hazards are removed from the site. Taking care of these issues on the front end raises the value of the property and helps indemnify the seller of any potential litigation later on.

Our insurance includes professional and pollution liability. Our team is also fully capable of assuming the project management role for any reconstruction projects that are a result of waste removal or remediation. Complete documentation of these activities are prepared and provided to the customer for regulatory compliance bodies and potential customers. For more information about our plant closure and demolition services, see the table below, or contact us directly.

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